Indian Government recently provides the facility to which
those who are interested to do part time work for the Government under various categories.
The first of its kind plate forms, to engage the people of India in development
of the country. Here citizen can provide the feedback of various policies, can
suggest their views on a particular task in advance to the Government. How
people of India can contribute in a fruitful manner, the biggest plate form
with the title MyGov established by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on
26th July, 2014. The success of this initiative can be understood by the number
of people associated with this. Today i.e. 26th Aug 2016 when I am
writing this post
Registered Members, 182.26K Submissions in 514 Tasks, 3.41M Comments in 596
Discussion Themes of MyGov.

(Various jobs link information)

Comment box, to upload the profile

Recently, the Indian Government takes the initiative
to engage the experts of various industry people for contractual services may
be 10 hours per week for the development of country and direct engagement of the
people in overall progress. This detail is available on MyGov websites under
the do page with the title “Want to work for Government?”. The 12 different
domains are listed here with that experts have to do the work.

These are given below;  

1. Editorial Writers                             #EditorialWriter

2. Researchers                                     #Reseracher

3. Software Developers                      #SoftwareDeveloper

4. Data Scientists                                #DataScientist

5. Graphic Designers                         #GraphicDesigner

6. Video Editors                                   #VideoEditor

7. Digital Content Script Writers     #ScriptWriter

8. Advertising Professionals              #Advertising

9. Senior Management                       

10. Academic Experts                           #AcademicExpert

11. Social Media Experts                      #SocialMedia

12. App Developers                               #AppDeveloper


Login/Register to apply

On MyGov website in Do page all the details related
to category is given except to the number of vacancies and position, but it is
very clear that these are senior levels positions as mentioned too. For those
who really interested to contribute significantly in the development of country
not because of financial reason, I think. Contractual money will be the reward
to the experts.   


For this register on MyGov website  
if you are not registered on it before.
Then go to the DO page and read the details of the various categories in which
you think will be more productive. Now next point is about your profile in PDF
form, with all details. This profile you have to upload after selecting from
your hard disk, then save all the information by clicking the SAVE tab.

There is a comment box in that box you have to
click, a new window you will see in which you have to type the hastag and
domain of your interest as mention above like e.g. #SocialMedia . Then after
whatever you think you can type there to request for consideration of your
application.  The concern authority will scrutiny
your profile for the same and if you are shortlisted then will be contacted for
further discussion and/or interview in respective department. The honorarium for
these contract positions will be finalized after that in the direct