It was nice experience when I was travelling by train from city beautiful Chandigarh to the capital of India, New Delhi. The train was Kerla S kranti, it was a sleeper coach. On my rear side a family was sitting and infront a newly married couple. It was end of the month June and hot was on peak, Lady towards the window side was not feeling comfortable and were trying to do some experiment with the fan switches but it looks that she was not getting any result with her efforts. So, she called her husbands and ask that fan above on her sit is not working, please try to do something. The husband also tried his all efforts but couldn’t succeed.

To run the fan he saw here and there and hit the fan also but again no success. He look towards me with full of enthusiasm, I think being a teacher and the maturity he feel that I can help him definitely. As I saw to him he requested and ask to me, sir do you have a pen ….?again being a teacher I always keep with me a good quality pen. I feel great, I thought man seems to be educated with nice personality, he will definitely drop the complain of it in complain box of Railway Department. I gave to him my costly soft pen , I shocked and surprised to see that immediately that merciless man inserted the pen in the net of fan to rotate it very carelessly.  

The man used it till that the fan didn’t start to run. By the way somehow his experiment became successful and fan has started to rotate. Now, the lady was feeling proud on her husband. On all above, the man keep my pen with him more than 4-5 minutes and in the last when I was expecting some greetings he handover the pen without any thanks word.

No doubt, “if a pen is mightier than a sword how it can be less mightier than the hammer”. 

Please respect the pen use it for writing only not to run the fan where dust is deposited on the excel of fan and instead of lubricant pen is used.