I have explain that how microscopic world can effect the physical world on the basis of energy. On the other hand I can say that how a person can make resonance with the physical objects. In scientific language a person in this physical world sometimes behaves like a receiver and sometime as a transmitter of different frequencies. The activities and performance of a person depends upon the energy he receives or transmit with respect to the surroundings. 

If the energy of a person is high from his surroundings, his  activities and performance will be appreciable and the person will enjoy the physical world and its related objects. If not so, then the person will feel depressed and no good performance from any activity. Man will not be comfortable with any physical objects.

So, in this presentation I have just tried to correlate microscopic world with the physical world and its related object and the way by which one can enjoy the life. In this process first of all I have explained the de Broglie wavelength for two different objects, one is a simple cubic box from physical world which have one side of 10cm. Second is the electron in an atom; a microscopic world. 

In the first case the wavelength associate with the physical objects i.e. a  simple box is very small as compared to the dimension of the box. So, both the results are not comparable for this case. While in second case, the wavelength of the electron is comparable to the dimension of the atom. So, according to the de Broglie wavelength concept this particle electron can show the dual nature; particle as well as wave nature. 

From the second calculation with electron, one can conclude that electron is in equilibrium with the atom in his ground state, in the absence of any external force or field. So, further one can say that atom is the world of an electron up to some extent. This system is in equilibrium because both atom and electron have same property i.e. wavelength of the electron and dimension of the atom. I can say that both have same frequencies on the other hand.

Now, when I see the wavelength of the box that is very small as compared to the dimension of the box means object is a high frequency source. Obviously the associated energy of the box will be very high. In general, this is true for all the physical objects, they generate very high frequency or energy. So one can say that these objects may be in equilibrium if the frequency of the object and frequency of the surrounding (or of a person) is comparable.    

In physical world the people have many desires, like a big house, big car, money, jewellery, overseas travelling, etc. These desires are associated with the physical objects. 

As I have shown here that physical objects are the source of energy or radiate very high frequencies so if the person is interested to enjoy the physical objects or wants to be in equilibrium with any of these, then he/she should be capable to generate the same frequencies as of the objects. Only then he/she can enjoy the physical objects.

Now the question is how to generate similar frequencies? The answer of it is by increasing the energy level of him/her self. The simple process of increases the energy of a human body are;

1. Peace: mental and physical peace by sprituality, meditation and yoga

2. Joy: by enjoying the life with family and friends 

3. Love: by love with nature and all humanity

So, if the frequency is compatible with the physical objects, the person will be comfortable with that or one can say that he/she can enjoy the physical objects. If suppose the energy of a person becomes so high, then the physical objects will be in equilibrium with his/her but the person will not give importance to them. In this case the value of physical objects will be negligible for him/her. 

On the other hand, one can loose this equilibrium if the person reduces their energy. He can lost the physical objects if he/she start to decrease the energy level of him/her self by making negative thoughts, and most critical thoughts which reduces the energy drastically are;

1. Guilty: thoughts of guilty

2. Shame: thoughts of shame 

It might be that if you are loosing or not enjoying the physical objects, the above two thoughts may be responsible. But in addition to these two most dangerous thoughts there are seven other thoughts which can harm a person’s energy level, they are;

1. Sorrow thoughts
2. Worry thoughts
3. Fear thoughts
4. Pain thoughts
5. Anger thoughts
6. Doubt thoughts
7. Depression/Hopeless thoughts

If any of these thoughts have or remains in your mind it is possible that you are not enjoying the physical objects, here enjoyment means is equilibrium. That means you will feel the lack of physical objects in your life.

My conclusion: So for the true happiness generate the high frequency with the help of using the above discussed process like by peace of mind, joy with the family and friends and love with the nature and humanity. 

Disclaimer: These thoughts are my personal views, not to create the doubts or any other confusion. It is just a correlation with the science and to see the other facts in the mirror of science. I do not claim about this idea till that I don’t found the energy radiate by the human body and the objects with some experimental observations. My knowledge is limited and these points are original as my processor analysis I have just put in front of you. Please ignore if you are not satisfied with any idea (s).