In AC room, Vimal was sitting in his wheelchair and was looking at a portrait with an innocent gaze continuously, in which one child was trying to catch the SUN. Really, today this picture was depicting the truth of his life. The person who studied in a primary school and used a white soil for smearing the hardboard, written by wooden pen and inkpot, where that Vimal is standing today? How far he has been reached by his family, he doesn’t know? How many relationships he has been dropped and break to fulfill his ambition?

Anjali, his wife, was really a very beautiful lady, she cherishes her dreams with him.  She tolerated difficulties in her life to support his ambition. She, sell her ornaments which were given by her parents to support Vimal’s journey to America when he was in need of some extra money.  His father was a fourth class employee, and he spent every penny on the future of Vimal, what he did not try to do for his education. Yes, he also provided a rented room to him into the city, but he was not aware of where this money is coming? 

How much his father wept that day when he sells out his lovely “FULIYA” (a female calf) to a cattle salesman, and his mother was cried loudly when the salesman was getting the rope of fully from his father in the courtyard. Fuliya was looking everything silently and went along the salesman with some tears in his eyes, she was looking to his father and mother till that she did not disappear from them, it was at the cost of Vimal college fee, which has to be submitted on time.

From the childhood his father and mother take care of Fuliyan like his own child, and she also love to his father and mother like a family person, it was not possible to leave her (Fuliyan) alone in courtyard, if anyone out of them went outside, you can not imagine that how much loudly she starts to cry, it was difficult to keep her silent and many times he breaks his chain for the Vimal father, but today keeping aside all emotions he sold out to her for Vimal education. Before leaving the house she was licking the hand of his father and said many words without saying anything. 

Yes, some tears were drop down from her eyes, but how much intelligent she was, don’t get realized to his father that she understood everything, she looked behind many times on the way but don’t cry. Since then his father never keeps cattle in his house, he still remembers those days and those emotions with her. He feels too bad to remember those moments.

Next day, Vimal was standing in the home to get money for giving the rent of room and hotel bills, in the city. When his father was giving the money to Vimal his hands were vibrating, like he were not able to hold the money longer in his hand, like he was feeling the weight of the FULIYAN on his hands. That day Vimal was very happy, really for his ambition and progress. Now he was supposed to do more work ahead. Today he asked the mother to cook food of his choice, so he brings fresh vegetables from the market itself by getting the bicycle of his neighbor. 

Truly said, he was very happy today. His father said to indicate the old bicycle, that on this pension we will purchase a new bicycle for you. Truly, how much they were worried about the need for Vimal.                 

In the evening, when there was no electricity no proper light arrangement, his mother was also worried enough about his hygienic food, she was fearing about the insects which were flying into the kitchen around the candle. And, if Vimal came to know about it, he will get angered on her. Nowadays she cannot see perfectly into the night, she was not able to see by her left eye properly. 

Also, his wife Anjali was at there parent’s house. His mother was trying to clean a lamp full of ashes in this hope that it will glow more as compared to the one rupees candle. Somehow she managed everything and cooked the food for him, she requested to Vimal for the eating the food in the kitchen keeping in mind that he likes to eat food in the kitchen and she can also talk with him. But Vimal refused and said that he will eat food in the room on a stool. How much she was shocked to listen to this when he refused to sit in the kitchen, she thought that nowadays he is living into the city so no problem and starts to serve him in the room. 

How much happiness was in the house because of the Vimal, both old lady and gentlemen were trying their best to serve him perfectly. In the night when his mother asked him to serve the tea, he said ” no, now I like coffee, I use it frequently in the hotel. Actually, after drinking coffee I read whole the night, one day I will offer you a cup of coffee”. After so long some complicated smiling expression appears on the face of the old lady. Like she has seen something good in the early morning dreams.

With some fear and doubts, the mother asked Vimal, do you go to meet with Anjali frequently or not? She is not comfortable here, and you also not living here.  You come here only for one or two days. It was a wish if possible for you, I want to see my grandson, we are very much interested to see him. They will not recognize us after some time, so please visit them here. She was speaking with him but don’t know when Vimal slept. She could not sleep properly in the night by thinking that his son will go early in the morning. 

Truly, how much both the old person was thinking about the son, where they spent all hard earned money on his education. Nothing was left with them except to dry happiness words said by the neighbors and society.

He was not aware that how much fast these years have been passed. Now Vimal has a big house in the USA, al the facilities were there. Also, Anjali was living together with him, she came back from his parent house. Her sacrifice was succeeded now. Today, Vimal’s son was going to France to do his MBA course. Vimal was very disturbed today since the morning and Anjali was so busy to do all the preparations for her son. Both were worried from inside by thinking that they will leave without him now. 

The sorrow of living without him was disturbing both of them, today Vimal was realizing the pain of those old eyes when he left the home.  When both father and mother eyes see him continuously on the way till that I did not disappear from his eyes. Everything was coming in his mind like a picture, those ones by one relationship, those sentences which father and mother said to him on every mistake and ultimately who helped to reach him up to this height.

Suddenly his mobile phone bell rang, and his concentration from the portrait breakups. At the mobile he listens Anjali sound, she was saying that today we will go home back near to father and mother. Really Vimal was very happy to see his past in last 20 minutes. 

When he was stood up from the chair he was thinking that he also runs behind the sun to catch him. And in this race, he lost many things, many relationships and break-up emotions of the people. But could not win the relationship, emotions of people at the cost of fame and financial progress. The relation is something else, you can not earn that by money, they are beyond the money value……………