The Ground Truth

This was a wonderful evening at my university campus when I came across a reality of life, ground truth and really I feel it and came out from the darkness if truly say. I have seen the other face in the image of the real physical world. What was that and what happened with me? Actually, as usual, I was clicking the pics, just for fun and to utilize my spare time that day.

I click the pics of Lord Buddha statue with waterfall maintaining a different angle, pasted above. Since the statue fixed here on the campus, 1000 pics have been taken by the people and every time they seem very beautiful, but this view, I have not seen earlier in any pics. I was taking the pics in my cam without thinking about the result that what I will learn from these pics.

Soon, after clicking the pics of Buddha I shifted towards the university lawn that is not so big but space is properly utilized for the flowering and greenery. There were so many red color little flowers, and everyone was trying to open with full of energy and fragrance. I feel it was a very cool company with them, and I stayed there with some time by taking their pics.

The Truth of My Life

Suddenly, a thought came in my mind to see the glass wall, why should not I have to take a mirror image of these trees and flowers. The glass wall is fixed with the main building and lawn’s boundary is attached with that, however that wall was trying to increase the area of lawn and its beauty in some sense. When I click the first picture, its sound seems wonderful and I have taken a number of mirror images of the tree and flowers.

 After, clicking the real and virtual image together, when I saw these at my desktop, I was surprised. These photographs were telling me something else about the real world! What I have seen and click that was now different. These photographs were telling me about a bridge and a straight way and trees across the road…….but it was not true….it was true in pics……….I was surprised…..because I was aware …….I have seen the reality…..both the things I have seen from my eyes….whatever I have seen through a picture that was not correct…..that’s imagination was not true…..????


What does it mean? it means when I see the real world, it seems to me according to my perspective, how I think, what are my beliefs…and a question…is this always true??? Is there something else that my eyes could not see which was there? What is that? What is that ground truth?

That truth basically, I have to search in myself, by itself, I am the interpreter, I am the creator, I decide my perspective, I want to see only things that I want to see in this physical world, because everything is created by the men……how to approach that truth in this physical world, answer of this question was also clear to me, now. I have to search and to get it from my self.

I am on the way of truth.