Many of the academic institutions pace is not so fast as the industry demand or industrial technology expect. There is a big gap of demand and expectations between the industry and the academic institutions for technology. On the other hand, this reflects weakly designed curriculum of the institutions also. In general,  for the knowledge, a systematic pattern of learning and training exist. Here, what some of the institutes do in baby (primary) stage, they just copy it from established institute(s), while some modify it as per their own and Industry requirements. 
One of the points is here that, how much time we are investing on the stakeholders to making them a knowledgeable person. Also, to develop the technology for the benefit of society in a particular stream of Science, Engineering and Technology. For this purpose academic institutions have to sit frequently together with the industry R & D persons and have to make a common memorandum for the growth of education and technology. Individual institution can tie up with the industry but now academic institutions have to observe it for the quality growth of the Country.
In the present scenario, we have to give momentum to the academic institutions to cope up with the industry. As industry see all the technical possibilities of service and products which are in demand, in the society. Institutions also have to observe the possibilities of development in specific area/sections of the society. This could be possible by adequate authentic research & development cell establishment in institutions. When we are talking about the technology in industry in terms of the services and products, we have to focus on the quality also. A quality outcomes through the quality research only whether that is in pure Sciences, Engineering & Technology or in Arts. 
When institutions design the curriculum they should keep focus not only scientific attitude & development of the students for the industry but also focus on to make them a great social human, who can solve problems of the society, create new things being innovators, and bring the social and economical harmony in surrounding, lives with high moral values in society. In the present time as you know that a child start their life with the technical gadgets, within the age of 2-3 yrs he/she makes habitual to use that technology perfectly. He/she learns through electronic items/toys, watching TV, play computer games, etc. So at present time the course should be design by this way, that these smart children remain in touch with those similar items or technology and through that they learn about the Arts, Science, Engineering and Technology.
A trend has been started to incorporate the technology in classroom, in terms of the projector, smart board, graphics tablet, digital pen, internet, etc. but the problem is many of the developing institutions are not able to integrate the teaching tools and further they are teaching the subject in the traditional way after using it. It’s the limit when they use technology and take examination of the students to judge the knowledge, in traditional way. Mismatch of technology and knowledge in the developing institutions, not only loosing the importance of the curriculum but also interest of the students in the courses too. 
This is the right time where the academic institutions sit together and formulate the technical approaches in curriculum, and trend the faculties for the new designed courses, evaluate the knowledge in terms that how students are learning about the problems which has to given them, how they are using it to solve their daily life problems, are they ready and capable to create new things, for betterment of the society. 
At last, we all have a vision that we want to bring quality education in our institutions, and for our country so we can help society in a better way in terms of the technology. The great thing is that we have technology, we can bear it in our institutions, our students are hardworking and intelligent, teachers are so intellectual, but the point is only to make the bridge for the students, efficiently, adequately by using technology at present time.