Introduction to Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (I.P.) is an intangible property that is a creation of the mind, has a commercial value and therefore can be protected or owned. New ideas, new inventions, novel creativity, literary or artistic work are some of the examples of intellectual property. Since IP is a property and has the commercial value, it can be owned through Intellectual Property Right (I.P.R.). The IPRs prevent others from using, copying, distributing, manufacturing your ideas or products that are the outcome of your intellects and are protected.

There are different types of IPRs;

  1. Patents
  2. Copyrights
  3. Trademarks
  4. Industrial Design
  5. Geographical Indications, etc.

Why knowledge of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is important today?

IPR plays an important role in the Economic Growth and in today’s modern world, Information Technology (IT), Communication and Electronics are some of the most innovative, dynamic and highly advanced segments that drive economic growth.

IPR thus plays an important role is value creation in these technologically advanced segments thereby fostering innovation. Today there is a dire need for the technology businesses, start-ups, and academic institutions to understand and become aware of the key issues & recent developments in IPR related to technology segments.

IPR Workshop in Academia and its Benefits

Today knowledge of intellectual property rights (IPR) is a must for all institutions especially engineering and there are two important reasons for the same –

  1. The students, research scholars, faculty are sometimes working on very innovative solutions but they are unaware that their innovations are patentable and thus have commercial value.
  2.  Sometimes most good innovations remain hidden from the world as innovators shy away from disclosing them.  Good knowledge of IPR helps innovators in protecting their innovations and in getting good visibility.

IPR workshops aim remains to impart awareness related to the Intellectual Property Rights and related issue. One has to attend such activities, mainly they focus expert lectures on;

  1. Basic understanding of the Intellectual Property Rights
  2. How to protect rights through patent
  3. Criteria of patent
  4. How the patent grants
  5. How one can use patent commercially
  6. and about the concerned country Patent Act.

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