In the present time technology has opened many doors to share the information. An online conference is also one of them, where experts can share their views on a specific topic online. I am planning to organize online conferencing, where the experts of different areas can share their point of views on different subjects like; scientific research, academics, e-learning, e-technology & tools, motivational talk and scientific experiences of the senior professors and scientists.

Why online Conference?

Why do I need to organize online conferences? Personally, I feel that there are many students who are either studying from small-town colleges or by correspondence way. Those have very limited exposure to the various developments in the area of education and research.

The professors and Scientists of established institutes are very keen to share the latest information with the students. Physically, we know it is a little difficult to organize the 100 scholars meetings, frequently for 2-3 days. This demands infrastructure and enough financial investment and paperwork at the end. But cutting edge technology has opened the door by which we can share the latest and expert’s views online together without enough expenses.

This method of conferencing is helping those scholars and students who have limited access to information and guidance. These online lectures will also support in different areas for real information, knowledge, and development of the learned society.

Conference Room

The conference room in online meetings is password protected. Interested students and scholars on request can join the meeting, they will receive a password for this purpose. This kind of online meetings (webinars) provides face to face interaction. One can use simple mobile phone having internet access along with mic and camera. One can ask the questions to the presenter and interact with other participants through the conference room.

To organize the online meetings different online conferences software are available. Some are listed here;


Free conference is easy to set up and effective for online meetings.  More than 1000 attendees can join the conference. A most suitable product for webinars, having a plethora of features.

This product is totally free but has a limitation of 1 GB data for the conference after that you can buy with very nominal charges.

  • 10 GB @ 3$ per month
  • 20 GB @ 5$ per month
  • 40 GB @ 10$ per month


To download the software register on and sign in to download the “FCC_installer_db…….”.exe file and run it. A pop-up window appears that includes the information about you;

  • Your access code
  • online meeting id
  • Host PIN
  • and option to buy a toll-free number

Free Features

  • Screen sharing
  • International dial-in numbers
  • Recording audio/video

How to start?

After downloading the FCC_installer exe file, run it. A window opens that contain your information and links for an invitation. This is your choice how do you invite the participants. By sending the id, conference link or by email Ids.

setting of Conference call

A tab of meeting setting is available for a different option, but there is no need to change in any one are set by default for the active recording.

After setting the online meeting requirements you can invite the participants. Click the invite tab, a pop-up window will open that is having all information;

host conference login

After doing this a new screen will appear as shown in the below picture. The yellow strip covers the PIN, Meeting ID, and dial-in Number information. Here below the yellow strip the first icon is of the phone, second for the screen sharing, pose and off. The third one is for the webcam view. The next where number 2 is appearing reflects the total number of invited participants.

What do you need you can create the conference room too for personal messages and to all participants. Simultaneously you can record the conference activity by record button. At the left top corner of the picture, you can use the setting button, stop the meeting, etc options.


webinars free conference call

I found its best for online conference purpose. The nest which I have used is the zoom.

#2. Zoom

The zoom has become popular for online meetings nowadays, its operation is simple. One can use audio and video camera. This free version provides the facility of the whiteboard, file sharing, screen sharing, etc.

zoom conference software
zoom conference software
zoom conference software features
zoom conference software features


Zoom is available all popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android

  • A host can share the screen, for powerpoint presentations.
  • All active speaker views
  • One can join by telephone call-in
  • Speaker can use annotation on the shared screen
  • Whiteboard for teaching or writing instruction
  • 100 speakers can share their webcam


Join online conference related to the research and publications, e-learning & education, motivational talks, scientific developments and experiences of senior professors.