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FAQ apniPhysics

What is apni Physics?

apniPhysics was started by Dr. Sushil Kumar, a teacher, and researcher to support the students for providing physics and related content through articles and videos.

How I can receive the information about the contents?

Just send an email or subscribe to the newsletter through the email id.

How often I update the article?

No fix time but usually, I update weekly

Can the reader ask the question or suggest the topic?

yes one can

How I can suggest the topic or can ask the question?

You can use either the contact form or can write an email directly to me at sushilk17at the rate gmail dot com

Do I charge for any service?

Yes, I charge for my services.

What type of services we are providing?

a. Journal setup on OJS (Open Journal System)

b. Web Courses (MOOCs)

c. SEO in research papers

d. Faculty research awareness programme with latest technology.

e. Latest teaching tools

f. Research paper drafting and primary evaluation

g. Data Analysis and figures for scholars.

h. Blogging

i. and Digital marketing for any purpose

How much time do I take to complete any suggested topic?

Depends on the availability of time

Can we also donate the money?

Yes, you can provide through pay pal or pay TM so I can keep continuing, but no tax benefit to you for the help.

Why do I need public support?

First thing creating the content is the time-consuming process, I use teaching tools (hardware and software) to make the content. Web domain and hosting everything is paid. If I get small to support it can help me to update quality content with the latest technology like animation, simulation, etc.

How I can help you to create the simulation content for you?

Just write an email to me I will provide the information

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