In general, when the question comes about the TMT steel rebar in house construction for the column or lintel it becomes confusing that which steel rebar should purchase? We decide first on the basis what we see in advertisements and next what our contractor or friends tell.

TMT Steel Rebar 

Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) is a process to give the strength steel rebar. Simply you can understand that hot steel rebar passes through the water jet for a limited time. As a result, the external surface becomes hardened and internal core remains comparatively soft.

TMT Steel rebar grades

On the basis of various mechanical properties parameters, the steel rebars are suggested for different purposes. These are;

  1. Ductile nature
  2. Tensile nature
  3. UTS/YS ratio

On the basis of it, one decide the grade of the steel rebars. So now you can ask that which steel rebar is suitable for house construction? In the house construction, we need tmt steel rebar from plinth, column, beams, slab and in the lintel.

Now the second point comes about the seismic zone, you have to see it that how much sensitive is your zone? Also, your planning for home is columns based or simply a mixture of walls and column as people do.

So, keeping all these points in mind an expert will suggest you Fe:500D grade TMT Steel rebar.

Why Fe:500D is better for house construction?

To understand better this answer one should know about all the grades of the steel rebars.

TMT Steel Fe-415 / Fe-415D:

This was the primary grade in the TMT steel rebar process. The steel rebars of this grade are highly ductile and of low strength. The Fe-415 and Fe 415D materials with high UTS/YS ratio and high bendability. Nowadays, the production of Fe-415 and Fe 415D grade has been stopped by all primary producers like Steel Authority of India  (SAIL), TATA and  SRMB Steel companies, etc.

TMT Steel Fe-500 /Fe-500D:

The steel rebars of Fe500 and Fe-500D grade are of high strength and of high ductility nature. The UTS/YS ratio is also high and with highest % of elongation. The ductile nature explains the bending of the steel rebar and elongation indicate the pull about the length. Due to high ductile nature, its bendability is also high, so Fe-500D grade steel rebars are highly flexible with the balanced mechanical property. This is the reason that steel expert recommends the Fe500 D for the house construction.

Fe-550 /Fe-550D:

The Fe550 and Fe550D both the grades are of high strength but with moderate ductility. The UTS/YS ratio is low with moderate elongation and bendability. So in general not suitable for the normal homes.



The Fe600 grade steel rebars are of high strength but with the lowest ductility nature, also low UTS/YS ratio. The elongation is very low with low bendability. This grade is not suitable for home constructions. This is very hard, not easy to bend at the site. Its strength is so high, so big buildings, bridges, dams type constructions use this grade for high strength.

The capital letter D means Ductility, the grade with D is high ductile compared to normal grade.

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