Yesterday I was updating a blog post “Ground Truth”. It surprised me when a new word meaning is searched at different websites. There were so many dictionary websites that were not providing the exact meaning while some were with blank information.

What Veritas meaning is?

According to Wikipedia, it means truth, this was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Chronos [1]. But when I started to search the web pages of the top 10 ranked pages, it was explained in this way.

The second page suggests [2] only a break into the letters with audio as well as in text format. It says that truth conquers all things.

Other Websites:

On the third page, the same meaning was mention ” the truth” [3]. But they specify the country name “British” for the meaning of it.

On the 4th position, this web page suggests all about the same as Wikipedia and Harvard University [4].

On the 5th position, this webpage (below given) suggests some new words in addition to the truth [5]. It says trust, honesty, and Loyalty is the meaning of veritas.

On the sixth page, the Harward University page appears where they mention it in brief. I have taken one of the FAQs.

At the 7th position, this web page suggest only the “The Truth” meaning of this word.

On this web page that is at 8th number, an example of the word is mentioned below.

So this was all about the word and its interpretation on different pages. These snapshots are taken for different websites. The link is given below and might be useful.

In India this word is not so popular, this I am saying on the basis web analytics, while in the USA people are searching it frequently. The reason may be to collect the information or else.