For a researcher what is more important? What do you think I don’t know but personally, I feel his time is more valuable than another thing. Many researchers use google scholar to find relevant research papers. No doubt google scholar helps in that scale and it is a free online academic database.

Sometimes this type of search takes enough time to find the articles, patent and other types of documents. In the earlier post, I have told you about the dimensions applications. How this database helping the researchers. It providing complete metadata of the concerned search without taking any fees.

Best Free Online Academic Database Search Engines ii:

In this article, I will share with you the latest search engine for research articles that is known with the name of ” Scinapse”. I couldn’t understand its division “Sci + napse”. If you are aware then please share through the comment box.

On the website, it is the product of Here you can find more detail about the product.

How to search

In the google search box type “Scinapse” and click to the search button. You will get this result. Click on the site and start the search. The meta title is “Academic Search Engine for Paper”.

google search

Similar to dimensions database, in this search engine also have some filters. By using these filters one can find relevant articles information.

Scinapse search box

When this page will open you will see a “Scinapse Search Box“. Type the keyword related to the area, or specific domain for which you are interested to search the research papers. At the right top corner, there is an option of the signup. What is the benefit of it? You can save your search articles here for future purposes in different segments.Save search inbox Here, you can see that I have created the name “Superheavy Elements” for collections of all relevant research articles.

By using it you can read your selected article later.

read later collectionsAbove you can see the example of it. This will save your time to search the articles again and again for related areas of research. So up to here, this was all about to the benefit of sign-in into the Scinapse.

Optimize for research ii

What additional features or applications are of this product as compared to the google scholar? You can see in this snapshot. They show a comparison of the top 10 research papers search results between Scinapse and Google Scholar.

In this comparison, Scinapse provides four times more latest research articles of a high impact than Google Scholar.
free online academic database

It provides one point four times more results with generally higher average citation counts with similar published dates.

One point five times more recently published papers in reputed journals than Google Scholar.

This comparison makes this choice better as compared to Google Scholar, in general.

Start Search by Keywords

In the search box of Scinapse just type the keyword or words in phrase form. It will suggest you some possible combinations of your research areas. Keywords search box

If the suggestions are not relevant you can type more accurate keywords here. So either you can follow the suggestions by click on it or directly go to the search for the word (s) that you typed in the search box.

Now the Scinapse tool will provide you the relevant research articles.

Its result provides you detail information about the individual paper. Like date of publications, the impact factor of the journal, H-index of the author, affiliations and many more desired information.

research paper complete meta data

If this snapshot is visible to you for one of the searches, then you will observe all the above-mentioned places in the available results. For a live demonstration, you can visit the pluto platform.

On the left side published date of the resulted search article, H-index, and affiliation of the authors, Abstract and citation count at the bottom. Near to the published date, you will see the name of the Journal or Conference and simultaneously along with with it the impact factor of the journal. At the end corresponding author details also, but here if you are interested to collect it in your collection you can do that.

Detail papers

After the searching list of relevant research papers when you will click on an individual paper. That will open with complete abstract and other metadata.

Use Filters for Relevant Search

In this section, I will discuss with you the use of filters for the targeted search. The first filter is related to the time frame. From which year you want to get the results. Or any time interval or fixed interval like 3 years, five years like that.

First Filter Time
filter one time
Click on the “Any Time” tab you can fix the above-said interval of time for your search free online academic database.

Journal categoryThe second tab is about the research paper category, which is either from journal or conference proceedings. You can select the particular journal or conference proceedings for your search if you are aware. In this way, you can limit your search for specific parameters.

The third tab is about the domain or you can say the specific topic of your research area. Click it and make your search more refined.

relevance tab

In the end you will see the “relevance tab”. How do you want to make use of it? There are three options. One is about the relevance, second “newest” and the third option is “most citations”.

So, after using all these filters you will get refined results and only required research articles.

abstract details full When you will get the relevant research articles, not only you can save these collections but you get an opportunity to view the full paper. If it is available in the HTML or PDF or any other text format it is possible to download and can ask to provide. This is the best feature which I think in this tool. No doubt this is similar to the research gate idea.

Conclusion ii:

  1. No doubt it will save the time of the researcher.
  2. It is more target-oriented by using the filters.
  3. More relevant and recent research articles.
  4. Detailed information is available on the search results.
  5. Free online academic database

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If you want to know more about the free online academic database based search engines please share your points. You can use the comment box for any suggestion or help.