Academic & Industrial Research Perspective

A scholar who do research in academics or industry oriented areas, means will contribute significantly for the society. It may be pure or applied in both the cases it will upgrade the present status of original physical concept. Here, both theoretical and experimental research have equal opportunities and importance. Theory guide the experiments while experiment confirm the theoretical models and ultimately various applications in terms of the products.

In most of the cases it has been observed that people couldn’t keep continue the research work after getting Ph. D. degree. This happens mostly with academic researcher compare to industry oriented researcher. Inconsistency in to the academic research reflects the poor thesis planning work either decided by researcher or supervisor.

In general, students just keeps interest in a particular area and search the supervisor of same domain in academics. Students rarely define the problems for Ph.D. work mostly supervisor handover their groups successive problems to them. Irrespective to judge the sustainability of carried work by the students now.

Scholar learn some tools to handle the problem from superiors in a group during the period. These tools may be computer programming/languages, research analysis, graphics and framing the contents of calculation or experimental observations. Sometimes scholars remain unaware about origin of the problem after getting highest degree too.


on the other hand, applied industrial research is more organized in terms to the productivity. One reason may be hands on practices and clear vision of the problems. If output is application oriented then one scholar who whether define or not the problems for next 3-4 yrs can be more creative. Possibly can create the new business from that degree or can support the existed industry.

Taking and Giving Ph. D. Degree for Job/Promotion or Research

To get promotion or some incentives one get motivated to take the Ph. D. degree in both the sections academic as well as in industry. In such cases the efforts, planning, origin, specific domain or interests remains one side of degree’s outcomes. Such degrees and degree holders perspective about research planning, problem defining for the next generation will be considerably very low.

A misconception generated in people’s mind about the Ph. D. degree, that its for JOB and this mind set define only subject interest in scholars’ mind not problems. What is the reason that students are not trained to understand the specific problems of any subject? Why the only supervisor decide the problems and define the solutions? In many cases knows the results, then why revision of problems?

There are some people who just enhance the qualification to get Ph. D. degree and never use information in practices. This kind of mind set in academics and industrial research is an alarming situation. Not only in academic jobs but industrial job and growths too.

Why do You Want Research Degree: Understand First

Really, are you interested, have you search and defined the problems? These problems are of specific domain or interdisciplinary type? Have you tried to find the solutions of any problem or sense of solutions? Does the available literature through the open sources is not sufficient for your problems?

The problems which you defined is related to pure research or have any applications. In case of applications e.g. software or product have you framed any outline of that? If yes!! is the answer of these questions then you need a supervisor who can understand your problems and suggested solutions.

In this case you can carry your research for the benefit of society in terms of good products.


Research Outcome should be patentable

Give proper time to define your problems, identify their potential. If possible and problems are original, you can help of patent to protect your products on time. See how this product can be useful for large number people so you can use it commercially.

If you don’t define problems your self you miss the creativity of your mind. But one important check point is the selection of right supervisor and institute.



So, in conclusion, first see your interest identify the problems. First try your self with the help of open access journals (https://doaj.org) survey the literature try to find solutions. The problem should be application oriented so people can use that. The Ph. D. degree is not for job/promotion or taking any type of benefits from any one. This is your valuable life time, invest in it with proper plan. Don’t follow the rat race or just only number of publications, stop misconceptions.