Research Paper Write-up or Survey

Dimensions is a product of digital science that is comparable with Scopus and Web of Science database of research paper (s). If you are at the beginning of your research carrier and looking to define the objectives or doing the survey. I think this is the right platform for you. You can find the unlimited research articles of your domain.

What is

A database of research articles, patent and many more. Here you can use filter to extract your research articles from the latest to the oldest. The dimensions cover all research domains.

dimensions digital science

This is the home page of this website. The blue strip includes the search box to find relevant research articles. You can type your query here and press the button of search. Right now you can see 103,460,096 research publications today date is 09/09/2019. This data of research paper change frequently due to the latest updates in publications. So, it might when you will be reading this article the number may be changed a lot in order.

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At the right corner, you can see a button of “sort by Publication Date” this button will help you to filter all the research articles published in chronological order. There are many other options too that can help you to filter all research paper (s) according to the order of citation, etc. You can read only abstract, not the full paper.

Dimensions filtersDimensions Filters

Publications Year

In the left side of the home page, there are some filters. You can use these filters to extract the order of required research papers. The first one id of the publication year, by it you can limit your research for specific year (s) or to all. Then second comes related to the researchers of that domain.


Here, you will see only those researchers who have been published more research articles in the area of your search query. If you want to find out the research articles of the specific author then type the name inbox, where you see “MORE”.  Click it and type the eminent researchers’ name here.

Field of Research Paper

When you will click this tab you will get the different domain related to the search query. You can select the relevant research area and can limit the search. By this way, the number of research articles will be limited.

Publications Type

When you use this filter you can limit your search to the

  • Article
  • Chapter
  • Proceeding
  • Monograph
  • Preprint
  • Edited Book

If you want to search only articles then you can limit it to click the articles, if you are also interested in chapter then you can use chapter too. Similarly other options.

Source Title of Research Paper

This filter is used to differentiate the source of your research

  • ChemInform
  • The Lancet
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science
  • The BMJ
  • Proceedings of SPIE
  • Nature
  • SSRN Electronic Journal
  • Notes and Queries
  • JAMA
  • Science
  • PLoS ONE

Using these filters you can extract research paper (s). You can use it for any idea, that comes in your mind. As a researcher, the first problem is of the relevant research articles that you want to study or interested to include in your introduction or in observation. Both these problems solved here without any financial burden. Now you can use your research paper data, analysis them.