Superconductor an Analytical Details

The magnetic flux exclusion by the superconductor is a subject of interest in the chapter of superconductivity. With the help of some quiz questions, we will try to understand the basic concept of the properties of a superconductor.

Quiz Superconductor

Below a certain value of temperature, some material and alloys show that their resistance drops suddenly. This temperature and an applied magnetic field plays an important role to develop this characteristic in superconductors.

1. Type I superconductors are; (multiple answers)


2. Which one is true in the Meissner effect case?


3. The Meissner effect is observed when



4. Type II superconductors are (multiple answers);


5. The Meissner effect is observed when



6. The limiting value of the current which flows in the superconductor without vanishing the superconductivity known as


7. Who discovered the phenomenon of the Meissner effect?