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About Dr. Asis Kumar Chaudhuri 

Dr. Asis Kumar Chaudhuri is a theoretical physicist at the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC), Kolkata; a premier research institute in India. He was Outstanding Scientist at VECC and Senior professor at HBNI. Born on 15th December 1956, in Cooch Behar (erstwhile a princely state and presently a district of West Bengal), he had his schooling at   Jenkins School, one of the oldest educational institute (established in 1861) of India. He graduated from the Acharya Brajendra Nath Seal College (formerly known as Victoria College) and obtained Masters from University of North Bengal. He did his Ph.D. from the University of Calcutta under the supervision of Prof. Bikash Sinha, a prominent name in Indian Science.
In 1981, following initial training at the prestigious Training School of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, Dr. Chaudhuri joined Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata. He started his research career in low energy nuclear physics. In his Ph.D. thesis, “Nuclear   medium   effects   in  the  single  particle description  of  nucleus-nucleus  interaction  potential  in  the continuum,” he examined the role of nuclear medium on optical model potential and showed that the nucleus-nucleus interaction potential, consistent with experimental data, can be obtained from the basic nucleon-nucleon interaction with medium effects properly incorporated. In later years, he was interested in high energy nuclear physics, in particular in relativistic heavy ion collisions and Quark-Gluon Plasma. His pioneering work on the application of dissipative hydrodynamics in relativistic heavy ion collisions, in particular in characterizing transport properties of QGP is recognized world over. One of his important achievements is the development of a computer code “`AZHYDRO-KOLKATA“‘ for solving dissipative hydrodynamics equations. The code was used to determine precisely, the QGP viscosity over entropy ratio, with statistical and systematic uncertainties. 
A Physicist Asis Kumar VECC
Additionally, Dr. Chaudhuri has published two well-acclaimed books. In 2014, The Institute of Physics, London, published his  advanced textbook, “A short course on Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions.” The book was well received by students and researchers of high energy nuclear physics.  In 2016, World Scientific, Singapore  published his popular science book, “Cooking Cosmos: Unraveling the mysteries of the Universe.” The book discusses the evolution of scientific thoughts about our cosmos, starting from Aristotle’s Earth-centered Universe to the Big Bang model of Universe to the presently accepted Expanding Universe.

The evil of religious fundamentalism cannot be countered only by economic development or political goodwill. True scientific spirit needs to be inculcated among the world’s populace. And this book tries to do it, inculcate true scientific spirit. 

Cooking Cosmos 
cooking cosmos 2

Cooking Cosmos: Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Universe 

By colliding heavy ions at nearly the speed of light, scientists are exploring both our physical world and conditions at the beginning of the universe. With applications in nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics, cosmology and condensed-matter physics, this text will provide the foundation for a range of graduate students and young researchers in both experimental and particle physics. 
A Short Course on Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions by Asis Kumar Chaudhuri
Short Course on Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
A Short Course on Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions (IOP Expanding Physics)


The famous picture of the fifth Solvay Conference 1927, shown below may have seen every physicist around the globe, Dr. Asis Chaudhuri briefly explained it in his post. All the 29 great physicists details are included here in this post. 


Dr. Chaudhuri believes that science is the key to human freedom; freedom from religious bondage, freedom from superstition, freedom from poverty, freedom from hunger. In recent years, apart from his research work, through various writings, he is trying to popularise science. His popular writings can be found on the WordPress blog.  
Dr. Chaudhuri also made important contributions to the understanding Charmonium (bound state of a charm-anticharm pair) production in high energy nuclear collisions. He has a healthy interest in other areas of physics, e.g. chaos, early universe, physics beyond standard model etc. and occasionally contributed scientifically in those areas. He has published more than 100 research articles
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