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So, now you are joining a new class in the same School / College / University / Institute? Also, you are planning to score good marks and knowledge, then these points will be helpful for you to score good marks along with good knowledge.

Your class performance decides your class notes, do you know how? You know that in a classroom a teacher teaches suppose fifty students uniformly but why some students score good marks and some not? If we suppose, ignore the point of scoring the marks and just focus on learning outcomes too then also only some students respond to the questions asked by the teacher, why not all? My answer is only one for these problem (s) and that is CLASS NOTEBOOK. Yes, class notebook plays an important role in classroom learning.

Do and Don’ts in The Classroom:

I have observed and found that students who don’t score good marks in their study mostly remain non-serious and non-sincere into the classroom. What is it means, it means very clear, these students attend the class physically but not mentally, they remain somewhere else mentally during the classroom activity. Their classroom concentration is very low.
What basically they do in the classroom?
  1. First of all, they have a poor quality paper notebook
  2. They make some drawing or highlight the printed portion or make their self some pictures/boxes/cartoon/flowers/pic of the teacher, etc. on the notebook page and especially where they have to note down the current lecture.
  3. They don’t note down everything on the notebook, they write whatever they listen partially, incomplete sentences. Interestingly they make a big mistake to draw the pictures from the board. They miss many points in the picture like they will write different notation or symbols, on an axis or into the text.
  4. They write only those things when they are in awareness, and that too in non-sequential form.
  5. They feel lazy and remain sleepy in classroom
  6. They keep focus on how to attract others by useless discussion, don’t give importance to a group discussion about the course subject.
  7. They either sit in the corner near to a wall or at the second last or in last rows in between of other students.
  8. They don’t keep textbook with them and try to complete all the other classwork into a single notebook.

On the other hand, students who score good marks, how they remain different from the others, what are their qualities? What did they do from day one in the classroom? There are some points which I have mentioned below, I know these are not limited but might be helpful to someone who wants to score well with the best knowledge.

Performance Strategies

  So from the day one what strategy best students follow in the classroom?
  1. Best students/scorer keep faith in their teachers and feel excited in his/her presence, so no question about the laziness in this case.
  2. Second they listen to their teachers very carefully and as a result, when they note down the material in their notebook chance is negligible for any typo error.
  3. They write and make figures very neatly and clearly. In addition, to maintaining the notebook quality, they also highlight the main part or main concept and formula of the topic by the color pens. They highlight the headings or use a different color pen for this purpose.
  4. These students frequently check their knowledge and understanding by asking the question to teacher and by solving the unsolved problems, they take participation in subject-specific quiz competitions frequently and prefer to interact about the specific subject and on related subjects.
  5. They use the good quality paper notebook and keep textbooks within the bag.
  6. They don’t make pictures or cartoon in their class notebook and especially in the classroom lecture.
  7.  They keep their self always energetic.
  8. And most important they believe in him/her self.
I understand the limitations of above sentences and feel that if a student is aware and confident from the day one in the classroom, he/she can perform the best in all kind of school/college activities. How is every time joining the new class decide the future of a student? The answer to it is friendship. A student should not be hurry to make the friends immediately, it matters up to a large extent. If you start to live in a friend circle which is not more carrier oriented or involve in activities that are not acceptable to anyone can change you or disturb your life too. So at the beginning of a new class, the selection of the friend’s circle is also equally important for the betterment of the carrier.
College Application Online made the admission process transparent and very easy.
Disclaimer: These are the points which I have observed and came into my experience. These can differ for different people and at a different place. But from the point of joining a new School/College/University/Institute for a student, these things play an important role.