If your answer is yes, then before I let you know what is the solution of it I want to tell a story of me and my eight friends. Once my father asked to us to complete an assignment …..not a study assignment dear it was a 15 km race of Kasauli hills area in Himachal Pradesh, India with my friends. When my friends listen to it some of them immediately quits making some excuses like they had fever, stomach ache, pain in feet,  and someone taking it carelessly and drop the idea to complete the race before it starts by making some excuses and arguments that there are many hurdles in the way and dangerous animals, weather is also not good. But me and my three friends were determined and were ready to complete the task not taking to it as an order but just for a challenge and curiosity to meet with the hurdles, if any. 

We all have started our journey on the said day and time, we keep all the necessary items with us, mobile, food, water with glucose, etc. My father gave us the map of the hill and way which we have to be follow in this race. We were happy and excited to complete the task after giving the map my father was disappeared. Now as per the plan my neighbor, a forest officer my father’s friend gave us a signal to start the race, as he fired we started the race. It was around 6:20AM of January 17, a rainy winter day. We all were covering the distance with full of energy,but what happen now we really face the unexpected hurdle just after 

10Km of the distance from where we have started. Some heavy stone/small hill type were on the road and it was completely block. Now what we have to do, we were just think to search new way to complete the task but were not able to select the right path, then someone suggest let’s go back, now we can not complete the target. We discuss and tried to find a solution of it, we just call the father, and told him the situation. My father got the point and suggest us to climb the hill and to follow a small way to catch the right path behind the dense trees. 

And it was really surprise to us that how my father know about it and we cannot think about the solution of it. Actually later we came to know that my father was aware about the path and he was observing to us and also keep track on us during the race. We overcome to that hurdles and complete the race successfully. It was not only one but there were other difficulties also but we manage all. We all the friends were happy and enjoyed the day really, we were so confident that day and that’s energy still helping to us. We all completed number of task in our life successfully because we never make excuses, never we did useless arguments, we believe in himself. We never quit any assignment because of the fear or any other reason. We always give our 110% to the task which we choose. We are satisfy we are happy.
What we have learn from this 15Km race ?
1. Never take any single assignment lightly
2. Don’t give excuses
3. Keep Faith in others 
4. Keep Faith in himself
5. Solution we can get only when we face the hurdles
6. don’t create fictitious hurdles in your task just face and find solution
7. don’t quit any job just to see the heights of the hill or weather 
8. Solution is always for them who are in the race not for them who never start and ask for help and support
So, you have to do Practice and Practice only.
Sports man can do it for better performance regularly….why we can not??