Earn Status when U Learn

Now it has been easy to be a part of apniphysics. I have updated plugins which will help to maintain points earned by you being a user of apniphysics.com. For this you have to be register on website.
You will score defined points as mentioned below in table whenever you will do any activity on website. Like you register, view posts, pages and watch the video or click the contents means everything which is involved indirectly in your learning. Now, you will earn status points in parallel to the Physics learning.
Earn Status Points When You Learn

Now being a user you can suggest the topic of video and in some cases can upload your own articles too. Also, if you are interested I can share some technical information with you that may help in your life.

More than 3000 users are registered on the website through wordpress but I never interacted with anyone. The reason I don’t know, never one asked about me. So now I have tried to associate with you all by this way. I am sure this will help you to improve the contents of the website not only for me but for the other learner also.