Extracurricular Activities Role in School

Sometimes, people who talk about extracurricular activities rights for the others, they forget about to implement this law for himself. When a discussion opens up in many public speakers, come to express their ideal thoughts, but when it comes to implementing that idea on them, they cry!!! Why it happens so?

Does rules and laws for others, do we are not responsible for breaking the laws, and we are not accountable for hitting the rights of a person for our personal benefits? Yes, it happens some time intensely, and some times we are not aware of the impact of our action.

We talk many times that the system is not sound and blame the system, but we forget that we are a part of this system, and we are responsible for managing or disturbing this system up to some extent.

We always make a mistake. We never introspect ourselves for the order, we see the people’s actions, not our role for the system. An individual is a small entity but very crucial for society and its development.

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew

A person learns about the system very carefully, from the school days to Colleges or till to that time he lives in the academic system. Then, he implements this learning into the society when he comes into power, power of financial strength, power of position, power of politics, etc. What did he observe in school?

1. Behaviour/action of the teacher to the students.

2. Teamwork for the clubs

3. and the academic result.

Points may be more, but I just pointed out only mains, which I think are essential. In college, students learn about;

1. A freedom

2. Independent decision

3. Relationship

4. coordination

5. and source to improve the academic result.

6. Exposure to the outer world also

7. They are working on the educational system (you can say where he/she tries to understand how the college is functioning, and its staff works).

Common things for all in event planning

Some people get motivated by their parents or some induced by friends, or some times by the teacher for various functional and healthy extracurricular activities in schools. It is fascinating that in a school/college functions, only selected faces to appear to organize the events again and again?

Why it happens so? Why do not others get this chance? Does only 10-15 students are eligible or perfect to complete the task, or the rest of the students could not approach the right person. How these 10-15 people make their position fix into the committee. Do they force to teachers, or teachers to impress them so much?

Here, the point is of notice that, if a person is participating in two or more than two activities parallelly, it means he knows the loophole of the system, or he is in the circle who manage such type of events.

What is the interest of students behind such extracurricular activities? Only appreciation or collection of the certificates? I don’t know, but in this way, they directly or indirectly kill the rights of that individual who was interested in it. And because of the limitations of the number, he/she can not participate now.

So, the point is we have to find or should create the opportunities of our interest but no need to follow someone for it blindly. Introspect first yourself for the system before blaming someone. Do not kill the rights of anyone just for your interest or fun.

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