As the idea comes, we start thinking about to that, everyone knows that there is no limit of thinking. If suppose we continuously thinks about to any point and no action take place on it then it is wastage of time. If you suppose take the action then obvious you will get the result. If initiative is taken by heart then no doubt result will be very good.

In everyone’s life, when we do work and some how could not perform that at the satisfactory level, we starts to think about to that, we observe the facts that what mistakes we have done? We notice reasons in awareness. Now, what happens here at this point with some individuals, what they do? they actually note down the mistakes either on the paper or in mind to improve their life.

In general, what are those mistakes, if I point out, these are;

  1. Taking the instructions lightly of their superiors or part of their duty/job.
  2. Irregularity, sometimes present, sometimes absent at the workstation.
  3. Imperfections in work, lack of practices.
  4. Delayed at every work, leave most of the action/things on tomorrow.
  5. Either they are talkative or too much thinks but don’t take the action on their interests

Every one thinks, review and observe their life’s good and bad things. But how many takes the action, it matters. This is the only parameter of success that changes the individual life. If you are just thinking and talking not taking the action you are just passing the time of your life. When you starts to take the action on your interests then that time results meets in terms of the products, they are the achievements. That you feel, that you observe.

We know that age doesn’t matter to thinks about any object or situations. One who is of 5yrs, 10yrs, 20yrs or 40yrs all one can thinks and speak about their related environment. Then why only some people comes in to light of success, while many ones lost their life in the darkness. This difference is, due to their nature of taking the action on various issues in his/her life.

Here my suggestions to those who are not regular to their work and take lightly the information in their life. Just keep simply a diary, make first plan of a day, click the right mark on when the task accomplishes. If you cheat your self,  means don’t do the job/work with interest, mention it, in your diary that why you did skip it.

At the weekend review it that how many task you have completed? How many skip and what you have achieved in seven days, note down it at one page. So by this way in a month you will have 4-5 summary pages and now create one page for the whole month in same fashion. This way will help you to organize your life. It will build your image, personality and character.

In my experience, I have observed that many students skip the problem-solving sessions or in a simple way the tutorials. Do you know what you learn when you solve application-oriented problems of your course? Belive me, you try/use all possible aspects of problem. You use your sources of information to solve that complex problem.

Every human beings have their own type of problems, or one knows that problems are part of every human beings’ life. Their nature, form and actions may be change but no one is free from these. Now, point is how to tackle problems of life in a balanced and with effective manners? This we learn in the classroom.

Many of you have noticed and observed, the day before examination what happens in a subject which you have not prepared in well manners and many contents were left for the preparation during break in examinations. What happens that time?

You know that part which you were left by thinking to complete during the examination days was not so easy to understand in one day duration. Two possibilities are here; either you take it as a challenge and complete by hard work or you leave as it is. When you came to know that this is difficult to complete in a day then you loose your interest in the subject and ultimately from the examinations.

Here, in this situation you feel that you know many things but are not able to write or draw an incomplete figure or a formula. You forget to put the value of a parameter in the formula. Now the point, what you have learn from this situation? Yes! it happens in daily life too of many people, when they are surrounded by difficulties of life and have to take bold decision to overcome that situation.

At  any stage of life we people sometimes trapped by difficulties or problems of life. The nature, the impact may be different, but every one face it. No one is suppose to free from difficulties of life or can overcome immediately, if faced. If one imagine that he/she is capable to handle all the life related problems, is the biggest problem.

Classroom is a platform where we learn many things about the development of life. DON’T TRAP UNDER THE SITUATIONS, take those problems as challenges of life, solve to them perfectly in a good manner.

Academic results not matter at the scale of learning about the life. The approach, the attitude of life, the project/problem solving approach matters in real life which we learn in the classroom.

Make everyday a special day of your life. Take action on your thoughts and spent time to count your achievements.