Five formulae can change your life this year calendar 2018. Whatever is your status of life today forget about that. You have to follow either one or all of these rules in your life. In daily life routine we do many things sometimes in awareness and sometime unknowingly. I am just mentioning those some points which can help to uplift the one’s individual life.

Nobody is here who don’t have any desire (s). Everyone thinks for better life and successful life in his domains. If you believe in me, follow the points apply any one which is suitable for you and your circumstances.

These five points are about to fulfill any desire and to be successful in life. I am sharing because I have used it and observed in my life.

Never delete your photo & video

Never delete your photo and videos from your mobile or camera. When you take photo for a specific reason and situation? Then how do you observe your picture and video? Many times you have deleted the photo and video because you feel you are not looking good. Not as impressive as you feel from inside. Do you know the reason of it why do you delete your photo?

Actually you have some parameters of beauty in your mind after looking other people or film actor/actress/artists in subconscious mind. There are two things which you have to keep in your mind now because this is a check point for an individual.

Number one you are not accepting what you are, how do you look, how do you speak.

Second point you are not aware about your unique identity.

If it happened in your life (you deleted the photo) then it is clear you are not accepting yourself. My point is if you yourself are not accepting then who will like you as you are. It means that don’t go on complexion (color of skin), shape of the body or how do you speak? You actually accept to them that you are with these unique features, which others don’t have.

When you will accept yourself and will start to like, love yourself a new energy will generate inside of your mind and body. That will help you to build your unique identity. It will tell people that how you are different from others. It will tell people that you are not duplicate of anyone.

So, accept yourself as you are, start to love and like yourself.

Be live from inside first then believe in yourself

Yes, how do you feel from inside, an active person who have creative ideas, inventing to them. Also, you are helping other people to build their life, carrier successful and meaningful. You involve with family and friends, you play the games with friends and family.

In a difficult time or at any instant problem you show overconfidence and believe that you can overcome from this situation. You are confident to complete all task of your life.

In this section I have breakup the believe word in to two parts one is BE and second is LIVE. When I study it with the believe word I found it, for most of the time believe word in my mind is just a fictitious word. No role it can play till that I am not live from inside. So, first of all to use this word we have to BE LIVE from inside of our body and mind.

A sleepy, lazy body and mind can also use the believe word but can’t implement it. There is no significance to say only”I believe that I can complete this task”. This is feasible only when you are live from inside. You are transparent for others. You don’t hurt the emotions of others or be careful about it. You always support of others. You are always thankful to the nature and all individual who contribute in your life.

de-Broglie Waves or Matter waves

This is the only scientific formula that explains successfully all concepts related to thought or positive thinking process and its role in materialistic world. Many of you may be aware about this formula which was given by de Broglie in 1924 for which he got the Nobel Prize. This formula tells us about the relationship between radiation and matter. In quantum mechanics a particle can show the dual nature provided the wavelength associated with particle (radiation) is comparable with size of the particle.

Here, I will generalize this concept for the people, who think every time something. This thinking process in our mind produces a kind of field similar to the flow of electrons in a wire produce the magnetic field. This field which produces through the thoughts in our surrounding I personally feel is called the aura.

Here, thoughts can be categorized in two parts some are good some may be bad and their levels also. Some good thoughts may be of higher levels and some may be lower while some may be neutral.

So it depends on the category of thought that which type of thoughts are running in our mind. Obviously the similar kind of field will be generating by the body. You know here field is reflection or you can say characterized by the radiation. I mean that what frequency you are generating in your daily routine. This frequency actually plays the role in our life to achieve the desired success. And the order of frequency or wavelength decides that what you have in the materialistic world. For which materialistic world’s product your frequency is compatible.

I hope you have caught the points if you are thinking in same way as I expressed here.

Sweets Shop- one who sells taste

Ah! Sweet shop, what an idea sir? When I feel it and it came in my mind I couldn’t control myself to review my abilities my expertise in different field. Here I explain it if you can catch the point it will be good if not it might be very good, because GOD wants this way.

Ok, I tell you the idea, as you know that confectioner not sell only one item like for an example “ladoo” or “Burfi” or “peda” only. He sell almost every sweets. Not only sweets he also sell “Samosa”, “Paneer and Palak-Pakoda”, Golgappa, Chat etc. He never stops here he also sell Tea, Cold drinks, cake, pastry and other related materials.

Now let me know how many items you are selling in your life. Most of the people in their life sell only one. It means they just do only one job that they take by either their hard work or by chance and spent the whole life for that.

Still everyone have many qualities but maximum time use only one. If you are getting my point my suggestion is involve in other qualities of which you have. Help the people support the people by your knowledge.

Here, remember confectioner sells the taste of tongue. It may be sweet or salty, so you have to see according to yourself that you can provide to the people. What type of taste you want to sell so people can enjoy their life and support to you.

An application letter to the GOD

At last and most important that never can be fail is, writing an application to the GOD. You will be surprised, what I am saying? Yes my friends I am telling only that points which I use and observed.

If you have any physical world’s desire and you want to that because that is of your need in your life. Its urgent and you feel hunger about to get that. You and your family are in need to that. Then please write an application to your GOD with proper reason. Remember when you write it with complete address and subject to the GOD with date, hide it. So no other family member of person can see it. You have to read it frequently and have to convince GOD about your need. I am 100% sure you will get that. If time is longer it means that desire is big from your present status, so don’t worry. GOD itself supports you to reach at that point. GOD will arrange your meeting with those people who can uplift your energy by the way of yoga, meditation, hard work, motivation, etc.

Also remember, you have to write this application in same way when you were child with pure heart. No loss should be involved of other people by this desire. First address to the GOD where you think your GOD may be at this place, and then write subject then main part why you need those thing(s) with proper reason. Like in school you have written leave application with proper reason. After writing put this latter at a safe place, so other can’t read it. Never tell about this letter to anyone till your desire doesn’t complete.