Role of Teacher’s Instructions 

Student’s life में दो व्यक्तियों की भूमिका बहुत खास होती है एक parents और दूसरा teacher. वर्तमान समय में अगर आप मुख्य भूमिका teacher को नहीं दे सकते तो दुसरी भूमिका पर जरूर रखना चाहिए | ये दो व्यक्ति कभी भी आपका अहित नहीं सोच सकते | अत: parent and teacher’s instructions ko ignore nahi karna chahiye. Ho sake to kisi bhi avastha me accept kijiye. Ye agar kbhi aapke saath hard bhi ho jate hain to matr kewal dikhawe ke liye. Usme bhi aapka kuch bhala he hoga. ऐसा में सोचता हूँ.
दूसरा पॉइन्ट ये है की develop the relationship but don’t be emotional in relation. Take care of each other emotions if you are in relation. भारतीय संस्कृति में विद्या अर्जन के समय स्त्री पुरुष के सम्बन्धो को निषेध कहा गया है क्योंकि ये भावनात्मक विषय होते है और व्यक्ति का ध्यान सम्भवतया भटक जाता है और शिक्षा सुचारु रूप से नहीं हो पाती |

Emotional Strength

By the way in present scenario I am not against to it but the main point is if you want relationship you have to face the consequences in the same life same time when you are studying and its remain emotional generally. Rarely you can share such problems by which you fight with your self ….you may be win ….you may be lose…
For a good life follow the parents and teachers instructions at least till that you are in student life, then after you decide what you want. At that stage you will be mature enough and can decide what is wrong or right.
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