Thoughts on Confidence

How to be more confident in any subject of your study? In this video, I have told that why one student loses their interest in the subject or why he/she feels difficult the subject? Why some students are more confident to others? The key point of your study is only scientific words.
From the first class, it has been taught by the teacher that remember the physical picture corresponds to the concept like to learn about the alphabet you use physical pictures a for apple b for bat c for cat d for dog and so on….and still, you use the same.
If you lose the confidence on any subject it means clear that you don’t know the scientific words of that course/chapters scientific words are important to understand the concept without these no one can understand the subject what are the scientific words? These are similar to the name of your friends like you have many hundreds of friends 50-60 friends in class and then sections and outside the school and colleges.
When someone asks you anything about your friend a physical picture you visualize in your mind. It means you know the height/skin color/about hair/about that he/she wears the glasses or not. Where he/she lives, how he/she talks and many more things. In a similar way, a scientific word will have a physical picture and some properties. You have to just remember those pictures and properties, units of the scientific words in any subject/course.
These scientific words are like force, momentum, energy, conduction, depletion region, transistor, Laser, etc. There is a big list of scientific words in a subject. These were just examples of physics. You are the creator of thoughts on confidence. 

In a paragraph of a chapter, you have seen scientific words just highlight to them or underline, make their picture information clear and you will see that when you will read other books also you will not face any problem and now you will feel more confident into the subject.

To learn more about Scientific words like as your friend. Enjoy the knowledge.