Train People for Intellectual Practices

In all social and scientific communities, the senior person always trains the young people with the help of available sources and by the process they learned the things in their life. It means they train people on his/her experiences basis. How much intellectually, it is effective for other people to be creative? Does training for similar things in a different environment by the experts can help someone to meet the same results? Like, the trainer achieved results in his/her environment. If it is so, then what we are doing for the society, except to create a copy just for the sake of work? So, it is one angle of this article. The second one; are we creating just copies of the trainer to support the system? Does this replica process, where we are destroying the original thinking of people are a supermodel to run the physical systems?

This is also true, the above-mentioned process is helpful to communicate with the people on the same topics and in a particular domain. Specific learning is important for physical development around us, only.

In the present scenario of the learning process, we have adopted only one method to train the people i.e., train people together for a specific job. Instead of understanding and strengthening the original thinking of an individual’s learning. Here, we have to keep this thing in our mind carefully, that trainer learned the subject in his environment (own thinking process, family  & social atmosphere, geographical position, the need of learning, the infrastructure of learning the place, etc.).

We trained the people in this way, so they think and work similarly for the job process. Also, the learner feels about the event similar, which happen before 100 yrs.  If somehow one person is not able to think so, the person treated differently by society.

Original Thinkers

Here, in the above paragraphs, I have raised two different questions;

  • One is about the training to learn the same thing about various fields and
  • The second is about differences between the people, who are able to think/learn in same and different ways about an object or any phenomenon.

For the present model of society and its related developments, is it necessary to train the people in this way?

When I think about one person, who is not in this race, he does not intend to think that way, as many people think. He would be different from the streamlined thinking of society, just because of his own learning process.

These are the people who create original thinking process. The people of creative thinking are important for social development. To protect and train them with their own thinking process, we have to review our present training system.

A person in our society is normal if he/she thinks/behave like as the rest of the people do, if not so, then society ignores the person immediately. We all think with a defined process, our imagination, behavior, interaction all are based on that training. Obviously, the people who behave differently from the common thinking process and working of a particular domain, people would not like to accept them in his group.

Brain Storming

But the question is, are we really trained for the original thinking process and solutions of different problems in life? Personally, I think no! I am not trained by an external agency for my original thinking process or any kind of solutions for the different problems in life.

I have seen many times, the people (trainer) try to satisfy a person (learner) with his experiences who have an original but different environment problem. These trainers compare the problem with own environment and experiences. They never see the concerned person (learner) present status. Personally, I have many points for discussion about the common social and scientific learning process. But, here I have mentioned my perspective on this issue. I know my knowledge and understanding are limited and may be subject specific here. But being a trainer and learner, whatever I feel, I just shared that things with you and at last leaving two questions further for general discussion. These are,

  1. Why we are not ready to train the people on their own interests, capacity and thinking process basis?

  2. Why do we train all the people by the same sources that used to train others for their own purposes?