Interdisciplinary approaches are must for the 21st century problems, today technology has been an essential part of the peoples’ life, its need in every areas start from single small activity to the large scale technical needs are identified.
Why Interdisciplinary approaches are important and its implementation on urgent basis today? Because in learning soft and hardware technologies are playing the major role in all disciplines, as you know that doctor can not develop the code, simulation or animation of their field, he will need a computer software expert for this purpose. Only a developer can help in that field provided he/she has knowledge/exposure in advance to understand the need of a medical doctor.
How STEM Education we can implement in the present perspective of Indian Education System, where no even single subject is connected with the other one, teacher taught independently in classroom, no role of the subject/topic in other areas ever explained or shown for the purpose of learning. 
Today this is the need of time that we provide interdisciplinary education to our children and taught them how he/she can apply the knowledge in designing and/or development of the products or technology for better and advance society. They do not read/study just only to attempt the answers of questions in the examination Hall. We should stop this evaluation practice for the sake of knowledge and learning of the students for a better tomorrow.   

We understand the need of today time and immediately change the curriculum of primary education to the higher education on urgent basis, if really we want to win the technology race in the fast growing technology based world.


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