Technology in Education

Being an academician I always remain curious to learn new things which can help students to satisfy their curiosity and enhance the learning. We all aware about the present generation children irrespective to the family status every child is exposed by most of the latest technology that he/she likes as per interest.

Here mobile is a kind of device that fulfills the desire and curiosity of children. Earlier it was television. Children are mobile-friendly nobody teaches them how to operate the device, they just watch and observe and then try itself. The interesting thing is most of the children at the age of three years or less not able to read any word properly. But these children make sense by the icons of the folder. They can follow proper root to search any file in part pf technology 2

While children are so mobile technology-friendly and learn the things so fast for any mobile application itself. Should we not provide the education in the same environment which we have created for him/her at our home? Are does school providing the same environment to the children for education?

Present Academic Institutions Status

Yes, it is a subject of worry that school today are providing education by traditional teaching methods. They are using Blackboard, heavy bags with a number of notebooks. Revisions, tests, exam and many more things. This is also true for higher education institutes.

Most of the school and Institutes ban mobile phones for students. While they know this generation of children grown with this device called “Mobile”. In India, I have listened and read about the ban on mobile phones in education institutes. Never heard school used it for the educational purpose.

Edmodo, I feel and observe is one of the best mobile applications that schools have to use for the best part pf technology 5homework, test or assignments for students. In the beginning, we have to train our children that which applications are useful and which not. At least 30 percent of teaching should be associated with the latest technology applications.

No help for students after the classes, most are human efforts and guidance dependent. Online and offline contents help students which can be accessible by mobile devices. This transformation not only will change the traditional teacher’s perspective for the technology, also they will create contents with present technology.

Importance of Technology in Education

When one teacher will create the content online or offline then only he/she can understand, the effectiveness of these technologies. Some of them are; like graphics tablet by which students can draw the picture with all possible color and can write notes for class. OneNote technology is the same as the note we create in the classroom. Here we are ignoring paper’s work that is equally important as we are developing the children for the next level of technology. Our less use of paperwork can save our environment and this habit of using technology one will extend in the office culture.

best part pf technology 4

I feel the government have to take initiative in this direction and have to provide all such technology on subsidy base. Academic institutions should motivate the teachers and students for using technology in education. It should be a criterion to evaluate the Academic Institutions for any kind of grading or grant in the present time.