Final Verdict

In the digital era, traditional classroom are not supportive and creating the gap between learner and knowledge. The use of technology in education is the need of time for the best of students in schools.

Use of Technology in School Education

Advancement of technology and its use in education is good in today’s classroom culture to help the students to visualization the subject-related facts. Because school education is limited in the boundary of academic institutions. Education means good CGPA, good communication, and good corporate jobs.  Academic institutes design the curriculum as per the demand of Industry. Industry absorbs the people who have the same interest in fields, expertise or related field experience or information.

Industry hires the people for different jobs and ultimately with some more financial gain. Type of the industry and its services are two different aspects in which either one of them remains important for employees to join the same. To get better service in terms of time and production, technology taking a different shape in different service sectors, education is also one of them.

Present Classroom for School Education

Teaching by GURUKUL tradition, where the teacher was responsible for the social and professional life of the student has been changed completely nowadays. Many factors are responsible for it. But still, the character of a student is certified by the teacher in this modern time also which shows that only teachers can understand students better than his/her parents.

Also, it indicates the social responsibility of a teacher for the development of a good society. In GURUKULs an old tradition of education in India, after the basic education, to see the interest of the student’s teacher assigned to them some skill-based education, for example trained the student for carpentry work, goldsmith work, barber, farming work, weaving work or to trained for the protection of society or to trained for the academic, accounts work.

The evaluation was based on practical performance so probably there was no discrimination among the people on the basis of their work and obvious importance to the work and the performance of a person. It is true also that how learning can be justified without practical work.

What could surprise more than this that up to the secondary education practical work is on readymade files only, there is no interest in science experiments and practical’s of the students, this is also true that project-based marks and evaluation are in the curriculum but there are many projects selling shops also in our surroundings to help the students.

Why Students’ Buy Technical Project?

Students buy and show in their respective labs for evaluation, sometimes they are good to explain the cramming concept and sometimes not. More than this could be funnier than this that a large number of such students follow the traditional path of performing the experiments in labs if they are selected in the good institute for higher study (Graduate course). Now fighting starts to like and dislike the subject (s) or Just start to lose interest in academics. 

Technology in the Classroom 

The new generation always catches technology very fast and faces its merits and demerits. They spent maximum time with technology and to learn about the related inventions either just for fun or for knowledge. The academic institutes try to incorporate so-called relevant academic technology in their respective environments by making use of a personal computer, laptop, tablet, Wi-Fi, and projectors. While teaching remains on old traditional patterns except to the blackboard and white chalk.

Now boards are either green or white but the rest of the things are the same. Teachers use the old traditional method to teach in class, they use a board or projector for PPTs but this generation wants to play with technology. Why they see your lecture and focus on it, his mind is innovative that is fast, he wants to play with technology and you are giving him almost the same food as people were giving 100yrs before.

Lack of awareness use of Technology in Education

Today students are not supposed to sit in the classroom for one or two hours and listen to some philosophical lectures which are not related to their interest. They are interested to play with technology, like simulation-based exercise where they just feed the value, see the result and visualize the related facts.

Not this experiment stops here, we provide to them advance technology through childhood and asking them to learn things by 100yrs old pattern as I said earlier. Now examination is not in a year, not in six months now we are evaluating their learning by assignments every week. By examination every month and finally at the end also from the total syllabus. I have some surprise here also, what we are checking? Their cramming power? Or their learning ability? Or just try to show the system speed of evaluation?

In this fast-growing technology era still, the education industry has an inefficient technical classroom environment and not properly technically equipped teachers and curriculum. Some so-called academic leaders are just experimenting on the present generation by forcing the use of ICT that means only PPT-Projector, digital pad- online lectures and Wi-Fi. This is because of one reason the new generation is not using technology in a proper and fruitful way. There is a big gap between the use of technology in education and the classroom teaching of a so-called traditional teacher. Who is not trained to transform their syllabus in digital form (simulation-based exercises)?

Need for Technology Trained Teachers in Schools

A uniform education system and easily available technology can help to fulfil the gap for quality learning; otherwise, technically sound students will lose their interest, innovational thinking for the society. Probably they will get depressed with traditional teaching while those not technically sound will follow unknowingly with traditional teaching and will be a good employee of an Industry in the future.  Partial fusion of technology with education is not a good indication for society. Here at present inefficient technology and traditional teaching are suffering together.




Disclaimer: These are my personal points about the present a scenario of the education system, if any point is not suitable for you that can be my fault because of my limited knowledge and understanding, please ignore.