Michelson Morley experiment

(the Main topic starts after 9:00 minutes, and watch at 33:00 minutes by simulation)
In this video lecture, I have started with some basic concepts which are required to understand the topic, whom I say supporting physical concepts by which one can understand the topics very easily. If you are looking for a depth knowledge of the Michelson Morley experiment then you have to watch this video up to the end where I have used simulation to explain why we rotate the interferometer?

The main points of Michelson Morley experiment Included here

all points which I have included here, those are:
1. what is aether medium that’s properties
2. how the velocity of light changes once c-v and then c+v, what is the reason of it?
3. why we keep a semi silvered glass plate at 45 degrees?
4. How do we observe a reflected and transparent light beam from a monochromatic source?
5. detail explanation about the experiment and related theoretical concepts
6. How to find path difference?
7. what is the relation between time difference and path difference also with phase difference?
8. How one can find out the time difference?
9. Why we rotate interferometer and what happens then after?
10. Does path difference remain the same after rotation of the interferometer or varies?
11. How did the fringes shift?
12. How one can conclude if the fringes shift aether medium exist or not?
There are so many questions and solutions to there here in this video lecture.

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